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What's VCLinux?

VCLinux is custom Linux that is developing by VCborn.
It's based on Debian Testing and has been customized to make it easier for Japanese people to use.
You can use Windows software (such as AviUtl).


Support windows software

You can use Windows software without garbled characters using Wine.

Easy-to-use terminal

You can easily operate VCLinux using WezTerm and fish.

More comfortable programming

VCLinux uses VSCode as its text editor.

Important notes

  • It's very unstable.
  • In Beta1, please enable auto-login during installation as sddm does not work properly.
  • Beta2 causes errors during installation. See installation instructions for details.
  • arm64 version does not work on Raspberry pi



Minimum Requirements

CPUCore 2 Duo or higher
RAM2GB(4GB or higher is recommended)
DISK25GB or higher


If you want to see installation guide, please see here.
There is any problem or bug, contact from VCborn Support.